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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Multitasking in today's world is a lie. "There's a small number of people who are decent multitaskers — but at best, it's maybe 10 percent of the population, so chances are, you're not one of them," Markman told LiveScience. "The research out there will tell you that there are a couple of people who are good at it, but it's probably not you."

The problem is not with multitasking and yes maybe you think that your willpower is quite high that you think you can do it all each day everyday. But real life is different and two scenarios are likely come out of your situation either you won't be able to do any of it because switching between things will create a lot of confusion and completely drain your energy or you will be average at everything. If work life balance is all you may be well on your path but still it's been known since years that average life lacks purpose and when there is no purpose then what's point in living right !

Everyone has their one things that they want to daily and it's not always your one single life goal but it can be chunks of your goals that you are checking off from the list by focusing on one thing at a time. Same principle of doing one thing at a time can bring wonders as it's already proved "if it's Mozart then it's Piano, if it's LeBron James then it's Basketball" and that one thing is our purpose and our purpose builds the path of our life.

My Hobbyverse is build around many such ideas where some others are "The first 20 hours by Josh Kauffman", "If you can't explain simply, you don't understand it well enough, By Albert Einstein", "If you focus on one things daily then you will have more time to have awareness about the real life, BY me" and "using Feynman Technique for making things easy to grasp"etc.

So from 1st September 2020 that's tomorrow here is what you will see on MY HOBBYVERSE.

You will be learning a lot of Technical Things like Python Automation, Blockchain, Cryptography, Hacking, Building DAPPs, Web development, Investing, Personal Finance management, Tips and Tricks to be have overall good health, Astronomy, and much much more.

Hey, but wait as I said,

  • one thing at a time, so does we will,

  • using the Feynman technique explanations will be so easy that even a 6 year old can understand,

  • examples from real life,

  • and ideas bound in stories.

So much to experience right, okay so here is how we will do it.


The Random Posts Through these posts we will have lots of challenges where we will try to get good at something by learning and focusing on a single thing everyday and building projects that may explain you a lot more than just mere theory.

The Weekends Posts will be special posts because other than daily posts we will have two special posts talking about small talks changes that you can do, steps you can take to make not only your life better but without doing much you will be doing a lot for this world and our mother earth.

The Weekly Videos will have projects, tasks and challenges to grasp concepts even better.

Talks about ideas and challenges by which you can complete to make not only your life better but without doing much you will be doing a lot for this world and our mother earth.

The Weekly Podcast will be summarizing the week of what problems I faced, As I'll also do the challenges that I will give you so I will share my experience too and much more.

So who's up for the challenge. I am definitely, Are you? Yes you are I know for sure.


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