How to come up with your perfect Startup Idea?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

How do I find an amazing startup idea? This is probably the most daunting question for any aspiring entrepreneur in the world.

And it is indeed the most important question in this 21st century where every day or another someone is starting out their own ventures (not only startups but other sorts of business also).

And this is creating a sort of blurry vision in everyone's mind that " there are no new ideas left or all the problems are solved and thus form a startup ", but this whole thinking is wrong as ideas are not vanishing, they are just hidden by our own mind and problems are there waiting to be solved but it's our job to look for them.

Well, no one can find an idea that you will love to work on other than you, so after reading this I hope you may find your neurons firing and have found your brilliant idea.

Are there any brain exercises to generate ideas?

No there are not such exercises that promise to give you a brilliant idea but combining a bunch these mentioned below you may have your very own startup idea. So try doing these exercises as these contain exercises that have been used by many successful founders over the years.

Take it personally

Always remember that Business solves problems.

You have to keep looking for problems and instead of ignoring them note them down, no matter how small or big a problem is, you are facing it or not, just wrote them down in your Journal (do keep a Journal it will help stay focused in your life as it's helping me too).

Take your ideas from your journal and read through them.

Which one drives you crazy?

How can you fix it?

If no great idea comes to you, go to the next one.

Make drawings and follow through on testing your idea by building a prototype and using it yourself.

Make changes to improve your solution.

The point is to solve YOUR problem first, then work on solving it for others.

If it’s a common problem your potential customer base is huge and people will easily identify with your offering.

This is how the unicorn businesses of Uber and Airbnb came to be.

If there is the only idea left in your list after all this process then "Hurrah" you may have found your very own idea to work on and now you can start evaluating your idea.

Create a Problem and Innovate the solution

First of all this is not creating a problem out of an existing solution or because of excitement and attachment to your most knowledgeable area. For example,

I did this mistake so I am telling you that I have bitten by that Entrepreneurial bug too when I learned Full Stack Web Development and Ethereum, I literally daydreamed to create that "the next big thing" and make an impact on the world (whatever that means).

I was literally thinking so much and was daily coding some random stuff and cloning websites but actually I don't where I was going and at that moment I realized other people might also have the same knowledge as I and can be even more in-depth.

So if startup idea was solely dependent on having such knowledge either technical or non-technical then anyone can work on that same idea.

But seeing the data and reading about different startups reveal a different story and that some of those even don't have sufficient knowledge and skill they have such brilliant ideas and a huge success.

And thus an idea is not the result of having any such knowledge (while having knowledge is very important too) and we might be missing something and I discovered, that something was "You have to push the limits of something you love." and that is also a way of defining the term "Innovation".

Innovators see the world differently they may be solving a problem that is present right now at this moment or it's a distant one that these visionaries can saw better other than anyone else. So sometimes it's possible that you are solving a current problem in the world but if you are aware enough and have the vision to see the world differently then you might have an idea of the generation because "Innovations are what drive us ahead".

So keep your mind open and explore and explore to come and think of the future in your way and evaluate by yourself if that idea will change the world for better.

Improve Current Technologies

Remember this is indeed a good way to create a fortune empire by improving the current version of some existing solution but do not just copy-paste, you have to provide at least 10 fold more beyond the values that currently exist. This will ensure that you will not face competition for a long time (Proven by research).

You always don't have to be the first mover in your market sometimes improving on the areas in which your predecessor failed is a great way to begin your own successful venture.

You don’t have to waste time building an MVP for an already validated market, consumer and market research is easier to come by, and it’s much easier to get funding for a proven market.

Learn, Learn, Learn

No matter who you are or how successful you are, if you really wanna get going in life then you have to keep learning new stuff every day.

Because learning new stuff keeps our mind engaging, busy, and creative. And if you are a founder then you have to keep learning more and more about topics related to your own idea because the more the research the more clear your vision will be.

Learn the market, your customers, make relations and partners, analyze your competitors.

Go out and ask people.

Start with friends and family, but then get out to malls or areas where your ideal customers would hang out.

Read books, magazines, and online articles like this one to continually improve your knowledge.

People waiting for their problems to be solved so do that and you will have a great business.

And yes in the end always remember " No matter what problem you solve, what idea you or what work are doing, You must have your heart in it.

Because when you love your work then your work will love."


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