Nature Manifest Creativity in us

How to be more Creative? Why I'm not creative enough? What do creative people do that makes them creative? Why I'm losing my creativity?..............

This list of question will never end. Agree?. Yes because it's a problem that is been rising exponentially and the worst part we are not even trying to solve it by ourselves because we think others will find a cure for this problem too. We should try to solve our problem first because one thing we all know that "Nature has all the answers and we just have to ask for it." and so it does in this case too "Nature manifest creativity in us".

Before you and I discover the answers of the question above, let's understand what is Creativity? by understanding stories of three different persons may or may not be like us.

Programmed Ones

These people really don't care what exactly is happening in the world. There thought process is consisting of only "Finish the task or do nothing". These people have the least amount of creative genius in them because they never try new things until told them do so.

Anxiously Anxious

Most of these are not even close to creativity and exceptions do exist but if follow behavior then chances are you may end losing the creative genius inside you. Now who are they?, Well these people are the reality of current world who are shaped by our society. They care too much about the future and completely ignore the present. Whenever given a task their eyes will be on result and not on the process and it may give them success but soon this habit will steal their creativity genius from them. They literally have forgotten how to enjoy the process and the present moments and we all know focusing too much on results will not change them so why not enjoy the process and give it your full determination.

Creative Genius

These are the rarest of people you will find in the world today for people like you and me but if these are also the most easiest to find. Now you will think that I am contradicting my own statement and so yes I'm doing so but it basically taking an assumption that you as readers are not kids. Because the most easy to find Creative geniuses are Kids and they are so beautifully creative that no matter what task you will give them, they just throw themselves at it and try it at least without thinking anything about it. As I said "Nature Manifest Creativity in us" and so it does from the birth and that's why we all are born creative. Only few people are able to maintain it as they grow and thus become a rare scenario to be seen after a certain age.

So we will be studying more about these rare people who are able to maintain the creative genius in them throughout their lifetime and see how different they are from and how can we become like just like them. Because Nature is always ready to make you creative again as you just have to ask from it, so let's see how to do that too.

Be Like Kids

You and I both have life and routines that we are living daily. Now we both say we that we have our life and our routine but the question is "Are they really ours?", probably not for most of us. Life, Routines and Habits all are shaped by the society and love of our life (Not really!!!!) i.e. "The Social Media". Routines and Habits are great for living as they improves our discipline but only if they are not interfered by someone else just like it's happening today.

When they are interfered by someone else then

they affect our thought process and

most of the time we end up doing things we really don't want to do and

soon it become a habit and

when it become a habit then it's pull is so huge that it interferes with our thought process and when it disturbs our thought process then we start to ignore new opportunities, ideas, work, etc. and that is what I call "Death of Creativity".

This is where the Kids or the Creative Geniuses i.e. they are open to everything new you through it them and don't allow their habits to block the new thought process and always try things at least once without even thinking of mastering it or the end result. They don't do things thinking of becoming a master in it or how to will help them achieving something or what will happen if I do this or that and etc. They try things because they are passionately curious about them and always stay open to the opportunities of exploring new ventures and not blocking their view of the new world.

So always remember this that make habits, create routines but don't let them block your vision or stop you from trying out new things"

Play the Fool

We are living in the world with thought process of "follow the convention" where everyone is doing the same and also want us to be just like them and be successful ("whatever that means"). Now whenever we try to do something that seems not common for other people then we they laugh at you, consider you a fool and sometimes even want to you to forcefully quit doing it. They will tell us that it's not good for us, you will fail, you are an idiot and blah, blah, blah.....

but it's not true right because if something is working for them doesn't mean it's right and in this case if the convention is working for them then doesn't mean it will work for you too.

The results are even too devastating like for example :

Novelist Normal Mailer just before he died in the last interview said "Everyone of my books has killed me a little more".

You see that was the result of this convention problem where at that time writing which is well known as career was not even considered in the list of career options.

So you have the complete control of your life and you can decide what you wanna do and literally just ignore them when tell you not to do it. Being a fool is really the path to be more creative and happy because in that case only your own thoughts control your action and not others.

Following your own path while creating it at the same time is the job of the daring people who look fool to others but are the "Genius" within.

Take a leap forward, don't accept the convention if it doesn't feel right. Create your own path because that's your true life.

Getting Attention vs Paying Attention

Let's answer a question first before discussing about them.

What is harder?

Listening to people or wanting people listen to you.

Well the answer is quite if you have experience it but those have ignored that experience so here is the answer, Listening to people is the easiest you can do because almost everyone of us want to say something and considered more important in the conversation and that is why it's difficult to someone who want to listen to you. This is the actual problem i.e. considering yourself important, it is a very strong desire or you can say feeling to be noticed.

Now in a world where everyone want to get noticed it's difficult and depressing situation if you are not a good listener and at the same time consider people as your competitors. Not only it affects your happiness but also your creativity. If you really wanna be creatively fulfilled then you must start considering other people as collaborators and not as competitors and see you how beautifully happy you will be. We should all try be creatively fulfilled because that is indeed the path to many of ours problem's solutions. And how to be that, well it's quite simple you know the first things you should do is consider other people as your collaborators not competitors and the last thing is start listening to people more than you want them to listen to you and see how beautifully creative your life will be.


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